Dye Garden & Flax Growing

Growing Flax

Kent Cloth will be printing onto European linen and we are visiting our Europe to discover more about the production of linen. Kent is situated so close to the continent we are keen to find out how flax grows on Kentish soil. If you would like to take part and grow some flax, send an email to info@kentcloth.co.uk  See our post in the News page, on how to grow your seeds.

Grow Your Seeds

We will be growing flax at the Pines Calyx and Rochester Art Gallery. Visiting Belgium to find out more about the production of linen and the heritage of the cloth was the most fascinating experience. This video from Masters of Linen, CELC, (THE EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF FLAX AND HEMP) shows you the journey from seed to cloth.  www.mastersoflinen.com