Visiting Belgium in February was such an great experience where I learnt so much about flax and linen production.
From starting my business @fableandbase in 2014 I’ve been determined to source local materials and have wanted to find out more about the heritage of European linen.

I’ve also been interested to find out why we don’t produce linen in UK, of which I now how a long list of reasons that I’ll save for another post!

We are so close to the continent situated in Kent so I want to celebrate this European relationship. I want to share what an incredible sustainable plant, flax is and raise awareness of this thriving industry just over the channel.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be growing flax in as many pockets of Kent, that our flax seeds will reach. I’m so pleased we have the opportunity to grow a patch of flax at the gateway to Europe. St Margaret’s Bay, Dover, which is situated on the White cliffs with spectacular views of France, so where better to plant 🌱 flax. Thank you to the Brilliant team at the Pines Calyx who have been sowing the seeds and the team at Rochester Art Gallery.

If you are interested in growing flax please get in touch and we will send you a packet of seeds.