“It was great fun kicking off the @kent_cloth ‘Autumnal discovery of natural colour’ series of workshops last weekend, and beginning the day by reading all the adults there one of my favourite incredibly apt and inspiring children’s books. It’s taken a week to finish drying and labelling both the dyed cloth and mushroom papers we created on the day, but worth it because over the course of 4 events in the coming year, a whole repertoire of colours, and different mushroom papers, will be creatively revealed as participants playfully explore the hidden and not so hidden colours of plants, fungi, and seaweeds. The seasonal colour palette of dyed linen, handmade fibres and mushroom papers will be showcased at the Rochester Art Gallery on the 4th of October 2019.This first workshop was at the gorgeous @doddingtonplacegardens. The next one will be at The Pines Calyx @thebaytrust, St Margaret’s Bay near Deal in Kent on 27th Jan 2019. Funding has allowed ticket costs to be incredibly reasonable for such a hands-on creative day-long adventure in natural colour. See Kentcloth for details.  This time we dyed with five different fungi: Dyer’s Mazegill, Pholiota species, King Alfred’s Cakes, Giant Polypore, and Green Elfcup mycelium. The plants worked with were Glory Bower berries, Yew berries, Beech nut husks, Larch bark, and mixed lichen.

What will we play with next time…….? Thanks to Doddington Place Gardens and to Kathryn for her excellent assistance.  I’ll also be running courses in natural dyeing and mushroom papermaking in East Sussex next year too. Watch this space if that sounds like as much fun to you as it does to me!@Fergus the Forager