Discovery of natural colour and paper making with Fergus the Forager & Francesca Baur

In a series of workshops in different locations throughout Kent over the year, Fergus the forager led workshops discovering the natural colours and materials to make paper that can be sourced from the local area.

These colours are sometimes apparent, but also often hidden within plants, fungi, and seaweeds, contained in roots, barks, berries, and leaves of countless botanicals.

Based in Doddington Place Gardens and The Pines Calyx he worked with the landscape to produce materials from the local area.

Summer- Pines Calyx


Seasonal Quilts

Working with differently mordanted fabrics, workshop participants discovered the many unique variables involved in the extraction and setting down of colour.

There really is a kaleidoscopic range of colour discovering opportunities to be had from an exploration of the natural world all around us, and it is, in part, the unique variables of time, place, and extraction technique, that have determined the final range of colours produced.

Francesca Baur has pieced together the fabric samples produced in the workshops to create four seasonal quilts depicting the colour changes throughout the year.


Mushroom Paper making with Fergus the Forager

Few people know that wonderful craft paper of diverse natural colours can be made from many fungi species, especially tough and inedible bracket fungi. After initially identifying and collecting suitable fungi in the field (or rather, in the woods), we gathered either indoors or at a covered area outside and embarked on a hands-on exploration of the techniques required to produce different grades of mushroom paper. It can be made as thin as tissue paper, smooth and ideal for use in a photocopier, or thick enough to make