4 Oct 19 – 4 Jan 20

Flax, Fibres & Plant Dyes

Kent Cloth textile works by Francesca Baur

Throughout 2019 Francesca Baur developed a series of seasonal wall hangings each exploring the landscape of Kent inspired by four very different locations for the Kent Cloth Project.

Kent Cloth was Francesca’s response to an awareness of how increasingly disconnected from the making process we have become through the speed of modern textile production. The project advocates a slower approach to creating natural local textiles with a story that embraces local heritage and landscape, employing traditional skills, from growing the flax for linen to making natural plant dyes.

Kent Cloth became a year-long botanical journey for Francesca, from the flax fields of Belgium and Normandy to the White Cliffs of Dover, beginning at the Pines Calyx Garden. This trip around the ‘Garden of England’, referenced the patterns and forms found in some of County’s unique locations; meandering hop vines & abundant hedgerows, the bountiful marshes along the Swale estuary at Elmley Nature Reserve, the historic floral gardens of Doddington Place and the luscious fruit trees of the Brogdale Collection